Camping out during mustering

When I was working on a cattle station we went camping during the mustering season. We did this so that it is easier to muster and process the cattle in more remote areas. When they told me that we were going campingI was pretty excited, because I have never camped in the middle of nowhere like, without any phone service and a without a normal bed (we slept in swags). Yes you hear me no phone service, I know chocking right. I will tell a secret I did not miss my phone at all.

So the day we went out camping we made sure we had all our stuff and we were ready to go.


I went fencing that day and later on in the day helped with mustering (well I got lost so…i don’t think I was the best help). The next day we worked in the yard all day processing the big mob of cattle. After three night it started to rain, but like really really rain. So we had to change our plans. This is a good example on how it could go in a cattle station. We left the camp because more rain was coming, also the camp was not really waterproof. We had to wait for a week till we could go back out there , because everything was wet and muddy.



After a week we went back out camping, this time without rain. We worked hard everyday from fencing, mustering and processing cattle. Most of the time when people where mustering I was fencing, because I not really the best bike rider. Most of the days we woke up around 5:30 6 o’clock and made sure we were ready to start working as soon as there was enough daylight.

At the end of the day we were all extremely tired. Lucky we had a cook so after a long day of work we had a nice warm meal. Mostly we ended the day around 5:30 6 o’clock. Everybody took a shower en ate something. After diner we most of the time talked about anything and everything at the fire (mostly because it was to cold to leave the fire). That was what I really like about camping,because we had quite a lot of fun during these nights.

I will admit I was more happy then sad when camping was over, but it was a really cool and nice experience.
Because if I think about it I don’t think any of my friends can say they slept under they stars in a swag next to the fire, with cows bellowing all the time.