A good Attitude

Because literally going anywhere with the right attitude… is better then having the right gear…

What To Bring

A good attitude, lots of energy  and a sense of humour!

Eager to learn and get involved – just helps generally in life 😉
What you put in – is what you get out of it (life)
An Open Mind – ready to learn new ways!
No Expectations – means no disappointments!
Flexibility – Being ready for the unpredictable…
Initiative – To make do with what you have.
Love for the animals – because they are our life!
Resilience – because life can be unforgiving.
Attitude is everything – Don’t dwell on things, learn from it and move on!!
Safety first –  don’t put yourself or others at risk

Once you are committed we will send you a welcoming email – with all the extra details!!!



Cattle must have a constant supply of food and water available to them, which can cause hours to be irregular. Days can be long and weather can be unpredictable. It can be extremely hot, it can be extremely cold, it can be windy and it can get dusty. Some things we simply can’t control and with your help, only plan for!

Every jobs is important and it really is a team effort!

  • From cooking healthy hearty meals for the crew, to making sure they have there energy to work and get through the days!
  • From admin duties, organising, and planning so jobs run smoothly and the gear has arrived on time.
  • From doing every day general house hold chores, like taking out the trash, so we can enjoy our days off to relax and unwind.
  • From fencing, making sure our cattle stay in there right paddocks, and to help manage our land better.
  • From maintaining our gear and machinery, so it’s ready for the jobs.
  • From baby sitting some ones child, as if it were our own!
it’s all about a helping hand, it goes a long way! Every body plays a part to make our little world go round.
REMEMBER – A big part of working on the land has to do with the attitude you bring with you as it helps create the environment you want to work in.
Checking on cattle
YOUR FIRST WEEK! – Could be OVERWHELMING, but that’s normal, starting a new job, meeting new people, staying in new surroundings, and stepping out of your comfort zone. So don’t be afraid to help out where you can, it might be quite time or overloaded with information for your first induction week but that eagerness to learn, asking questioning and helping out where you can (GOES A LONG WAY – YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHEN YOU HAVE LIVED ON A STATION A WHILE) A job is a job and there are plenty of things out here to be done. It’s an understanding that your enthusiasm for the lifestyle on the land and willing to learn and become jack of all trades landed you this job, you have to start somewhere, and work your way up the ladder. Cooking or cleaning is a universal trait of life (when you grow up you have to cook for yourself sometimes!) and could be a great job to start with a slower pace so it’s not so overwhelming with all the things there is to learn out here.
IF arriving as the newbie – don’t forget everybody has to start somewhere and your help can be very appreciated. SOMETIMES on a station there can be a lot going on, hence why extra help (you) could be arriving amongst the chaos. Although it might be lonely and the work can come with many obstacles and challenges, just like any new job, but that is all part of the adventure! For example, you arrive every one is busy fighting fires and so drained when they get home that all they want to do is sleep and not in the mood for small talk and getting to know someone new, but don’t take this personal, have understanding, it’s the first week, focus on learning your job, cause there will be plenty of time to get to know every one, when things aren’t so busy.

It can be the most rewarding work when you stick it out, but remember no two stations operate the same, and no experiences are the same either! Good things come to those who wait (so the saying goes) it’s not the end of the world. It’s your first week, take your time there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone and become part of the team.
It’s always well worth it when you look back on your season and see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown.


If you have any more we would love to hear them 🙂 and add them

  • Living on a remote working cattle station, it’s a good way to save for your travels because it generally includes food, accommodation, internet. 
  • Working with nature everyday! 
  • Wide open spaces
  • Experiencing the outback lifestyle 
  • Learning to appreciate the little things (in life)
  • Taking a break from your mobile phone
  • Riding motorbikes everyday
  • Feeding adorable little calves
  • Riding horses
  • Car pooling to town (for sometime off to civilization)
  • Sunsets, fresh air and beautiful night sky’s
Look for the positives, cause if you don’t you might miss out on a lot of opportunisties